Hiking & Trekking Adventures

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What to bring?

Trekking and Hiking

Here’s a chance to explore the real Costa Rica, a unique and authentic back-country experience for those seeking to combine adventure and tranquility.

Our hiking routes take you off the heavily-beaten track along safe trails through almost untouched mountain wilderness where you’ll often encounter rare birds, mammals and flora. We offer two, three, or four-day day trips for groups, over-nighting in small, locally-owned lodges whose hosts live the old way, cooking on wood stoves, raising their own domestic animals for staples such as eggs and cheese.

These family-owned lodges are rustic, clean, and well-kept. By taking tourists up there, we help support rural families maintain their gentle, traditional way of life. Please note that a 2-day advance notice is recommended for reservations. No reason to carry heavy packs. Our horses do the heavy lifting. 

All trips include:


-snacks and refreshments

-lodging and meals (bunk beds for the most part)

-dry bags

-equipment for all described activities

-first aid kit

What's included?


There is very little electricity at these lodges. 

They have small solar collectors which produce enough power to keep a couple of lights burning at night.  It gets dark by 6 PM, so folks are usually in bed by 7 or 8. 

Cell phone service is very limited.  Please make sure that all camera and flashlight batteries are fully charged before the trip.  Bring extras if need be.

What to bring?: (try to pack light)

-good hiking shoes

-sun block and hat

-insect repellent (the bugs aren’t that bad)

-bathing suit

-synthetic quick dry clothing (recommended)

-light rain jacket or poncho

-light pants and long sleeve shirt (it can be cool at night)


-water bottle


-extra cash just in case